KL Monorail service was disrupted for 45 minutes this morning after a train bound for Bukit Bintang from Imbi station encountered a technical glitch and stopped in the middle of the track.

“The incident occurred at 8.35am and a second train was immediately deployed to pick up the passengers from the stranded train. There were some 200 people on the train and all were safely transferred to the second train within 20 minutes.

“Despite the technical glitch, there was power in the train and the air-conditioned system was running as per normal. Everybody was calm throughout the incident,” said KL Monorail spokesperson, Puan Masnizam Hisham.

The incident caused temporary disruption to the service, which returned to normalcy at 9.20am.

“On behalf of KL Monorail, we would like to apologise to all our passengers for all the inconvenience caused,” Masnizam added.

For details, contact Prasarana Media Affairs Manager Azhar Ghazali at 019-3837865